RFID Library label is a kind of contactless automatic identification label, which can identify and obtain relevant information through radio frequency. It is widely used in bookstores, libraries, publishing company, etc. The core of the associated system is to use RFID labels to realize the function of automatic data collection, combined with the database and software management system. In this way, libraries can realize the functions of self-service borrowing and returning, book inventory, book on shelf, book retrieval, book anti-theft, library card management & distribution, collection information statistics and so on. RFID has the characteristics of wireless real-time data transmission, which can read multiple labels at the same time, making the inventory work really fast, accurate and efficient. In that case, thoungh there are few workers , the library can improve the circulation rate, simplify the borrowing & returning process, and improve the service quality of the staff and the library. At the same time, the digital and automatic library provides readers with more convenient and humanized services.

Product RFID Library Label
Material Paper, PET, PVC, or Metal resistant material
Color any color as you ordered
Protocol ISO/IEC 15693
Operation frequency 13.56MHz
Max reading distance 20-50cm
Operation mode Passive
scraft used packaging+printing+RFID chip attaching+RFID data writing+QC+final packaging
Size 53*50mm, or customized size
Operation temperature ?-20℃ – 80 ℃
Life cycle 10 years
Packaging method customizable
More features water-proof,heat-resisting,environmentally-friendly,durable, removable binder
Application Library management, CD management,asset management, product tracing